Automatically translating a gettext-ed programme with Apertium

The problem

As part of my i18n/l10n (internationalization/localization), I wanted to do a demo of our application, but translated into another language. I've previously written about how to translate your app to pirate speak, but that was just a toy.

Apertium to the rescue

Apertium is an open source machine translation toolkit. It has many languages and is easy to use from the command line. Since polib gives us easy access to the gettext/.po files, we can combine the two!

How to automatically translate your .po file


First install the packages apertium (ubuntu install link) and the translation language pair that you want to use. list of current apertium language pairs. For example if you want to translate your English .po file into Catalan, you'd install apertium-en-ca (ubuntu install link).

Secondly, It uses the polib python library (polib documentation), which you can install with easy_install/pip.

Invoke the programme

The code is on github, download the file directly.

Then invoke the programme like so: python /path/to/my/file.po LANG1-LANG2. For example to translate a file in ~/django.po from English to Catalan, this is the code: python ~/django.po en-ca.

No direct translation?

I wanted to translate an English gettext file into French. Apertium does not currently have this language pair, so you can't translate directly. However you can translate from English to Catalan to French. This programme is able to do this sort of double translation, just specify the language code like so: en-ca/ca-fr (read that as "english-to-catalan, then catalan-to-french"), so: python ~/django.po en-ca/ca-fr


How it works?

The source code


#! /usr/bin/env python __author__ = 'Rory McCann <>' __version__ = '1.0' __licence__ = 'GPLv3' import polib, subprocess, re, sys def translate_subpart(string, lang_direction): """Simple translate for just a certin string""" for codes in lang_direction.split("/"): translater = subprocess.Popen(['apertium', '-u', '-f', 'html', codes], stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE) translater.stdin.write(string.encode("utf8")+"\n") string, _ = translater.communicate() string = string[:-1].decode("utf8") return string def translate(string, lang_direction): """Takes a string that is to be translated and returns the translated string, doesn't translate the %(format)s parts, they must remain the same text as the msgid""" # simple format chars like %s can be 'translated' ok, they just pass through unaffected named_format_regex = re.compile(r"%\([^\)]+?\)[sd]", re.VERBOSE) matches = named_format_regex.findall(string) new = None if len(matches) == 0: # There are no format specifiers in this string, so just do a straight translation # this fails if we've missed a format specifier assert "%(" not in string, string new = translate_subpart(string, lang_direction) else: # we need to do complicate translation of the bits inside full_trans = translate_subpart(string, lang_direction) for match in matches: # then, for each format specifier, replace back in the string translated_match = translate_subpart(match, lang_direction) # during the translation some extra punctuation/spaces might have been added # remove them translated_match_match = assert translated_match_match translated_match = # put back the format specifier, the case of the format specifier might have changed replace = re.compile(re.escape(translated_match), re.IGNORECASE) full_trans = replace.sub(match, full_trans) new = full_trans return new def translate_po(filename, lang_direction): """Given a .po file, Translate it""" pofile = polib.pofile(filename) # pretend the same plural forms as English pofile.metadata['Plural-Forms'] = 'nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1)' try: total = len(pofile) num_done = 0 for entry in pofile: if entry.msgid_plural == '': # not a pluralized string entry.msgstr = translate(entry.msgid, lang_direction) else: # pluralised string # we just pretend to use the same rules as english entry.msgstr_plural['0'] = translate(entry.msgid, lang_direction) entry.msgstr_plural['1'] = translate(entry.msgid_plural, lang_direction) num_done += 1 if num_done % 10 == 0: print "Translated %d of %d" % (num_done, total) finally: if __name__ == '__main__': translate_po(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])


Suggestions? Feedback?

As always, if you have suggestions/feedback, feel free to email me, or fork the project on github.

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