How to add a "English (Pirate)" language option on your website

I've been working on internalizing (i18n) a django project recently and I wanted some way to test it. I wanted to translate a .po file and see the translations come up. I decided to pirate that .po file.

Here's a python programme that takes a .po file and translates all the text to pirate speak! The code is on github.

It uses a technique to find strings that don't match a regular expression (to not translate the %s and %(param)s parts, which must remain the same), and converting to pirate speak. It currently doesn't work with pluralized strings.


Python your po script

#! /usr/bin/env python __author__ = 'Amanda McCann <>' __version__ = '1.0' __licence__ = 'GPLv3' import polib, subprocess, re, sys def translate_subpart(string): """Converts the whole of the string to pirate speak by (a) passing it through our custom replacements and (b) passing it through pirate on the command line""" replacements = [ # ('boring english version', 'exciting pirate version'), # Add extra translations here ('Log in', 'Set sail'), ('login', 'set sail'), ('log in', 'set sail'), ('Login', 'Set sail'), ('Log out', 'Abandon Ship'), ('logout', 'abandon ship'), ('log out', 'abandon ship'), ('Logout', 'Abandon Ship'), ('password', 'secret code'), ('Password', 'Secret Code'), ] for old, new in replacements: string = string.replace(old, new) translater = subprocess.Popen('pirate', stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE) translater.stdin.write(string.encode("utf8")+"\n") output, _ = translater.communicate() output = output[:-1] return output.decode("utf8") def translate(string): """Takes a string that is to be translated and returns the translated string, doesn't translate the %(format)s parts, they must remain the same text as the msgid""" output = "" for index, part in enumerate(re.split(r"(%\([^\)]+\)?.|\%[^\(])", string)): if index % 2 == 0: # This is not a format specifier output += translate_subpart(part) else: output += part return output def piratize_po(filename): """Given a .po file, converts the text to pirate speak then saves it""" pofile = polib.pofile(filename) for entry in pofile: entry.msgstr = translate(entry.msgid) if __name__ == '__main__': piratize_po(sys.argv[1]) Download


Download the above script, chmod +x it, and call it like so ./ somefile.po

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