Religions of the World

OpenStreetMap is a global map, and has ways to map and record places of worship (church, mosque, etc). By analyzing the data in OSM, I was able to make a map of the world's religions:

Religions of the world

Based on which religion is most common


How common is christianity around the world

How it works

I wrote a programme that splits the world in 0.1° points, and finds the 10 closest places of worships' to that point. The most popular religion "wins" and is used as a colouring for that box.

White or faded areas are places that are far from any place of worship in the OpenStreetMap database, so we shouldn't extrapolate too much for them. Since this is a map of what's in the OSM database, it will be much more accurate in developed world countries than in developing world areas.

Interesting bits

Future work

There are a few interesting follow on religion maps that could be made:

Technical details

I have genericised this a custom tool: OSMStatAggregator.

Map Projection

The map is the Robinson Projection, which was used by the National Geographic Society. I dislike the Mercator Projection for distoring land area so far north.


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