How to add eBooks to a Kindle using Ubuntu Linux

You can use Calibre, the open source ebook management programme, to manage your Kindle on Linux

Just plug it in, wait for it to be detected and start Calibre. You can add and remove books easily using the GUI

To add books

  1. Install Calibre, if you're using ubuntu now, just click this link to install calibre
  2. Plug the Kindle into your PC with the USB cable, and wait for it to be mounted (a window will pop up when it's mounted)
  3. Start Calibre
  4. You'll see this icon bar:
  5. Click on the greyish kindle icon mid-way though (they are using an image of an old light grey kindle, I have the newer dark grey kindle3)
  6. This will show you all the books (if any) on yoru kindle
  7. Click on the red book icon on the left hand side, and select a file to load
  8. A new window will pop up, saying "Adding". Wait until that goes away. When it's done the book is on your kindle!
  9. To the right of the grey kindle icon is a little down arrow, click that and click 'eject this device'
  10. Unplug your device

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