Anki decks and software

Anki is a spaced repetition/flashcard software for learning things. I'm using it for various things, I've made some custom decks (i.e. set of flashcards)


This is a way to learn all the Country Code Top Level Domain names, i.e. "What country has a .be domain?" (Answer: Belgium), or "What's the domain name for Ireland?" (Answer: .ie). If you'd like to learn all 250 odd of these, then use this deck. The data is taken from Wikipedia's list of ccTLDs.

Download the ccTLDs Anki deck

NATO Phonetic Alphabet

"A for Alpha, B for Bravo, C for Charlie". The NATO Phonetic Alphabet is used for spelling out letters. This is a short and small deck.

Download the NATO Phonetic Alphabet Anki deck

GAA County Colours

Ireland is divided into 32 counties. The GAA is a national sporting organisation in Ireland to promote gaelic games. Each county has it's own distinct colours, used as flags and as part of their sports kit. This Anki deck teaches you the county colours from wikipedia.

Download the GAA County Colours Anki deck