Android Dev G1 on Meteory Ireland - Mobile Internet Settings

Note: This is an old post that might not be applicable anymore

Metoer is a large mobile phone provider in Ireland. They have a 3G service. I recently signed up with them so I could get their 3G internet service.

I bought an Android Dev G1 Phone. It's not locked to a certain network, so I can freely use any SIM card I want on it. However since I didn't get the phone from Meteor, I have to configure all the settings myself, including the APN to connect to the internet.

To set it up you need to enter these values. At the home screen, press menu, then 'Settings', then 'Wireless controls' then 'Mobile Networks' then 'Access Point Names'. At this screen press menu, then 'New APN'.

Fill in the following information:

The name can be anything, I have it set to "meteor"


then press Menu then Save.

After that you should have 3G/EDGE internet access on your android

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